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Tommy Vercetti
Grand Theft Auto character
A computer generated image of a brown haired man. He wears a blue shirt with dark blue trees as the design, blue jeans and white sneakers.
Tommy Vercetti as he appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
First appearanceGrand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002)
Created byRockstar North
Voiced byRay Liotta
Motion captureJonathan Sale
In-universe information
Gun-for-hire (formerly)
Drug lord
Crime boss
Owner of various businesses
AffiliationForelli Crime Family (formerly)
Vercetti Gang
Los Cabrones
Vice City Bikers
OriginLiberty City, State of Liberty, United States

Tommy Vercetti is a fictional character, the protagonist and playable character in the 2002 video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the fourth main title in the Grand Theft Auto series. He is voiced by Ray Liotta. Tommy is the first playable protagonist in the Grand Theft Auto series that has a proper voice actor, with full dialogue.

Tommy is an ex-gangster or ex-made man for the Forelli family, a fictional Italian Mafia family in the Grand Theft Auto universe. After being released from prison in 1986, Tommy agrees to take part in a deal for his old boss and friend, in which he is ambushed. In an attempt to find the man who set up the ambush, Tommy rises through the ranks of Vice City's criminal underworld. After murdering the man who set up the ambush, he takes over his criminal empire, which he further expands, ultimately becoming the kingpin of Vice City.