Muhammad al-Muqri married three women (one Algerian and two Moroccan) with whom he had five sons and a daughter, all born during 1890–1900:

  • Taieb al-Moqri, Pasha of Casablanca and Minister of finance.
  • Hammed al-Moqri (حماد), Khalifa of the Pasha of Fes
  • Tahar al-Moqri, Pasha of Safi and head of the customs of Casablanca (studied in France)
  • Mokhtar al-Moqri, Pasha and head of the customs of Tangier (studied in France)
  • Thami al-Moqri, Minister of Finance and first agricultural engineer of Morocco.
  • Rkia al-Moqri, married Moulay Hafid then his brother Moulay Youssef.
  • Zineb al-Moqri, married Thami El Glaoui, Pacha Of Marrakech